What We Do

Youthaiti focuses primarily on three areas: sanitation, community education, and sustainable agriculture.



toilet-constructionSince 2007, Youthaiti has been building dry urine-diverting toilets in rural communities where sometimes there has never been a toilet before. These toilets provide urine as a source of natural fertilizer for gardens and compost to enrich the largely degraded soil while protecting the environment and health from open-defecation. We also promote household ecological sanitation solutions such as Arborloo composting latrines and Humanure composting bucket toilets.

Community Education

classroom-teachingOur team of health educators provides sanitation and hygiene education in 27 rural schools, teaching children the basics of “flies, fluids, food and feces”, the 4 vectors in disease transmission. They also provide extensive education in communities where we have built community toilets.


Sustainable Agriculture

4415681251_ff8d977e22_bOur staff Agronomist has established a large demonstration garden and tree nursery at the Center for Sustainable Development in Duchity. Here, people can learn about the application of natural methods of fertilization with dilute urine and compost from our composting toilets, and pest control with easily accessible natural pesticides. Trees are available for planting in household Arborloos or for school-based projects of reforestation.  In addition, he works in communities where we have built dry toilets creating demonstration community gardens to give locals hands-on experience using by-products of the new composting toilets.