Our Staff

Program Director of the Center for Sustainable Development

juniorPierre Oreus “Junior” – Born in Jacmel and raised in Port-au-Prince, Junior brings an unmatched enthusiasm for sustainable development done right. Previously worked for Yon Ede Lot. Junior is a team builder and a responsible money manager.


franciFranci Polyte – Born and raised in Duchity, Franci was Youthaiti’s first partner. Franci knows the community well and helps coordinate activities with all surrounding communities.


franny-paulFranny Paul – Born and raised in Duchity, Franny is our youngest staff member who does both community education and helps maintain all of our community toilets in Duchity and surrounding communities.


manloveJean Emy Elysee “Manlove” – Born and raised in Duchity, Manlove is known as an artist and loves to paint canvas, bamboo or wood – anything he can get paint to, including all of the Youthaiti community toilets! Previously worked as a teacher at the National School of Duchity, he is a natural educator!


bernadaBenada Elysee – Mother of 3, Benada is a great cook! Her smile adds to the flavor of her food.

Security | Center for Sustainable Development

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Mahens Polyte – Mahens always brings a smile to his work.  He helps keep the Center grounds maintained and assures the security of our staff, visitors, and belongings.

Toilet Maintenance

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Jean Rochny Marcelin “Tipa” –  Tipa keeps the toilets in Duchity clean and comfortable, inviting to all who pass by!