Inauguration in Lacombe

Letter from Haiti – March 18, 2012

I can’t wait to share the photos and video from today’s’ inauguration in Lacombe!!  A 1/2 hour drive and another 1/2 hour hike from Duchity, through beautiful verdant mountains and gardens brings you to a little spot of paradise where no one has water, electricity or toilets, but man! Do they know how to live!

We (Chris Yerling from Amherst, Mass, Pastor Duckens from Croix des Bouquets and I) were greeted suddenly by an African-roots rara band playing horns and bamboo sticks and singing. They accompanied us for the next 1 1/2 hours through the celebration of the newest Youthaiti toilet.  Although multiple rain delays had almost caused the inauguration to be postponed again, the final paint and concrete were being applied as we arrived.

Little by little the community settled down to listen to the presentation about the toilet and how it functions. The toilet is located in the yard of the family who had cholera, but is open for all to use in the community. Dozens of families still need somewhere “to go”. We shared with them the message of simple composting toilets they can do in their homes. I hope these ideas will take root.  Now finding a source of water that is closer than 2 hours walk away is one of their next great needs.

I look forward to visiting Lacombe again on my next visit in July. Who will join me?

If you want to see amazing video, join us at our fundraiser on May 4th, or invite me to speak.  I love sharing my experiences here, as i hope you’ll share your gifts with Youthaiti to help us create a Center where many more can try out simple sustainable technologies.

Tomorrow is our last day in Duchity. Next posting from Port au Prince!

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