A Lesson in the Rain – March 16, 2013

Letter from Haiti

A Lesson in the Rain

March 16, 2013

It rained most of the day here in Duchity. We had planned on emptying one of the toilets that had finished decomposing, and so when there was a break in the rain we went over to the school to take a look.

As soon as we started to open the back of the toilet, it started to rain again. And then the rain got harder. But once we were there, there was no stopping!

And so, for over an hour, five men worked passing buckets of compost to the back of our truck to move to our newly built compost site at the Youthaiti Center for Sustainable Development.

They were wonderful, courageous, hard-working men, saying over and over again as they hauled those buckets in the rain:
“Pipi kaka bon bagay!” (“Pee and poo are good things!”)

There are lessons to be learned – about trying to beat the rain, and about managing the toilet.

As our coordinator for Grand’Anse, Franci Polyte likes to say: “Every day is school, we learn something every day.”

Tomorrow we will head down to Les Cayes for a board meeting. We’re praying for sun, so we can have lunch on Gelee Beach.

Only a few short days till we leave. But already we’ve learned a lot, and done a lot. We’ve inaugurated our latest toilet. And we’re finalizing the plans for the next phase in construction of the Youthaiti Center for Sustainable Development.

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– Gigi

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